Host a Destiny Rescue Jewelry Party

Do you want to support Destiny Rescue in a fun and easy way while hanging out with your friends and helping an awesome cause? Then host a jewelry party with a group from your work, school, or church.

It’s simple and supports our efforts to provide safe, sustainable employment at fair wages.




- Submit the online request form 

- Choose a date, time, and place.

- Invite people to the event. You can create a Facebook event or hand out printed invitations. 

- Let us know how many people are attending.

- A few days before the event you will receive a box of jewelry. We ship 10 days before the party via priority mail.

- You will also receive an 
informational DVD, brochures, a sign-up sheet, and a inventory sheet.

- When your jewelry party box arrives, compare your inventory to the inventory sheet to ensure it’s accurate.



- Prepare a cool jewelry display. We recommending using items you can find around your home. Ideas include using corkboards and pins, funky jewelry stands, vintage frames and hooks. Be creative!

- Using the resources provided, tell your guests about Destiny Rescue. Share your passion and why you chose to host the event.

- Be sure to share that each piece of jewelry has been handmade by a young woman freed from exploitation and abuse who is now on a pathway to a brighter future.

- Collect the cash and check payments at the event (payable to Destiny Rescue).

- Snap some pictures & videos to share on social media. And don't forget to tag us! (#destinyrescue #destinyrescuejewelry #irescue)



- Use the inventory sheet to record items sold and reconcile sales.

- Write a lump sum check to Destiny Rescue USA for cash payments.

- Return unsold jewelry, sign up sheet, inventory sheet and DVD, along with all payments.

- Remember to say thank you to your guests! And don’t forget to let us know how it went.